• El futuro de la auditoría está aquí: Presentamos TeamMate+
    El futuro de la auditoría está aquí: Presentamos TeamMate+

Nuestra Oferta

Gestión de Auditoria

Como solución de gestión de auditoría líder a nivel global, TeamMate ha revolucionado la industria, potenciando los departamentos de auditoría de todos los tamaños.

Gestión de controles

TeamMate CM es la solución para la función de cumplimiento que han estado esperando para hacer frente a SOX, SCIIRF, y otras normas de cumplimiento de todo tipo.

Servicios de Informática

Nuestro equipo de Servicios de Informática consiste de un grupo de profesionales dedicado y listo para ayudarle con la implementación, instalación y hosting de los diversos productos y soluciones de TeamMate.

Servicios de consultoría

Contamos con un equipo de consultores que están dispuestos a trabajar en estrecha colaboración con sus líderes de implementación para ayudar a maximizar el retorno de su inversión en nuestro software de gestión de auditoría.

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How OKRs will Help Internal Audit Evolve

In most organizations, with the start of a new calendar year, we are asked to set goals for the upcoming year. Hopefully, we meet with our managers on a regular basis to review these goals, and at the end of the year, we self-report on the achievement of goals.

Coordinating your Lines of Defense: A Critical Imperative

Combined Assurance has been a topic of conversation in audit for the last few years. Now with the pending updates to the Three Lines of Defense model, the topic is even more critical.

How to Find Talent Elasticity

Is your department short staffed right now? Guess what, it's not just you. Four out of five CAEs report challenges in filling open positions. If those open positions require specialized skills, well now that just got twice as hard.

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coordination among lines of defence

Coordination Among the Lines of Defense
Is your approach to addressing coordination with other units impractical or too ambitious?

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Reducing Effort for CAEs Through Combined Assurance

Reducing Effort for CAEs Through Combined Assurance
As a CAE, are you providing assurance on the effectiveness of risk management and the control environment?

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Build Better Audits with Data Analytics

Build Better Audits with Data Analytics
Are you following the 10 best steps to advance the use of data analytics within your internal audit team?

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