Enhancing Risk Assessment 750px
Thought Leadership As the results of our 2016 global technology study indicate, audit leaders from around the globe are seeking to fine-tune their risk assessment and audit planning activities to better address the dynamic nature of their rapidly changing risk environments. To support these enhancement efforts, the 2016 TeamMate Global Audit Technology Survey focused on the key processes underlying these activities.
Auditing Culture_A Red Flag Approach
Thought Leadership Is auditing culture just another risk factor in a governance audit, or could it be seen as the basis for the entire audit plan?
The Millenial Auditor_370px
Thought Leadership Understanding and managing the next generation of auditors.
Technology Champions_Key Strategic Enablers
Thought Leadership Examination of the key role Technology Champions play within audit departments and their impact on organizational success.
Thinking Like an Auditor_Color 007_370px
Blog Post Most departments are trying to wrap up their annual audit plan and trying to figure out how they are going to get enough Continuing Professional Education hours (CPEs) to meet year-end reporting deadlines.
Strengthen Audit Committee Value_370px
Thought Leadership A 10 step approach to how internal audit functions can provide more value to their audit committee stakeholders.
Enhancing Audit Committee Materials and Reporting
Thought Leadership Recommendations on how to enhance audit committee reporting methods, communications, and content based on survey responses from hundreds of audit executives and other audit management.
Thinking Like an Auditor_Color 007_370px
Blog Post Internal auditors have traditionally led the charge in risk assessment and control monitoring and testing techniques.
Leveraging Technology Effectively_370px
Thought Leadership A look at the primary technology-related issues facing smaller audit functions today.
Assessing Your Audit Technology Maturity_370px
Thought Leadership A simple tool for helping internal auditors analyze their department's maturity level when it comes to the use of technology.
TeamMate's 2016 Technology Survey_370px
Thought Leadership 10 key considerations for enhancing risk assessments and audit planning.
TeamMate's 2015 Technology Survey_370px
Thought Leadership A study of how "technology champions" contribute to the enhanced performance of audit departments.
TeamMate's 2014 Technology Survey_370px
Thought Leadership An exploration of audit committee reporting best practices.
TeamMate's 2013 Technology Survey_370px
Thought Leadership An in-depth look at how internal audit departments are collaborating through the use of technology with key adjacencies inside of their organizations.
TeamMate's 2012 Technology Survey_370px
Thought Leadership A complex analysis of how internal auditors are leveraging the latest technologies.