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Our insights page is your go-to resource for industry reports and research directly from TeamMate. We've partnered with industry experts to bring you meaningful insights that can help you better understand the latest trends in audit and influence your audit strategy.

Webinar In 2017 the COSO board released a major update to their widely adopted ERM framework. Learn how the new COSO framework can be used to enhance internal audit processes and risk management activities in your organization.
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Blog Post Combined Assurance has been a topic of conversation in audit for the last few years. Now with the pending updates to the Three Lines of Defense model, the topic is even more critical.
Thought Leadership In this report, we discuss the importance of audits containing quantifiable data to increase assurance and reduce risk.
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Blog Post Is your department short staffed right now? Guess what, it's not just you. Four out of five CAEs report challenges in filling open positions. If those open positions require specialized skills, well now that just got twice as hard.
Customer Spotlight Learn how Americo has improved efficiency, consistency, and visibility in all facets of internal audit since implementing TeamMate+.
Customer Spotlight Learn how Atlantic Union Bank used TeamMate to boost efficiency not only within internal audit, but throughout the entire organization.
Webinar Toby DeRoche discusses the importance of strategic planning and explores the 3 dimensions that contribute to a highly effective internal audit function.
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Blog Post Internal audit cannot avoid thinking about and planning for blockchain, that train is coming full steam ahead. The biggest questions are how to educate yourself about blockchain, how to identify and assess risk, and how to know if process controls in this new blockchain world are designed effectively and efficiently.
Customer Spotlight Learn how Mann Mortgage used TeamMate’s TeamStore content library to provide the industry leading content and resources she needed to ensure she built her audit templates in compliance with all regulatory and Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) standards.
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Blog Post 75% of your audits aren’t based on data. Go back through your audits from the last year and count how many you performed and how many contained an analysis of data.
Webinar In this webinar, we’ll show you tangible things you can start doing immediately to increase the number of audits with analytics and thereby increasing assurance and decreasing risk for your organization.
Thought Leadership Combined assurance is viewed as an optimal means to achieve assurance objectives. Yet as TeamMate research suggests, there are other levels of coordination that merit serious consideration from most internal audit functions around the world for which the combined assurance approach to addressing coordination and alignment with other units is either impractical or too ambitious for their specific situations.
Thought Leadership In this paper, we will establish a baseline understanding of differing generations and we will discuss the role stereotyping plays in our organizational culture.
Customer Spotlight Learn how Farm Credit Canada challenged its audit process to gain greater efficiencies with Wolters Kluwer TeamMate+.
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Thought Leadership Is auditing culture just another risk factor in a governance audit, or could it be seen as the basis for the entire audit plan?