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Our insights page is your go-to resource for industry reports and research directly from TeamMate. We've partnered with industry experts to bring you meaningful insights that can help you better understand the latest trends in audit and influence your audit strategy.

Strategic Planning 750px
Thought Leadership In this report we will describe how CAEs can tackle various challenges and develop strategic plans designed to optimize internal audit performance.
Customer Spotlight The world’s leading steel and mining company reaches unprecedented levels of efficiency with the help of an Integrated Assurance platform for its corporate audit function.
Customer Spotlight Learn how Wolters Kluwer TeamMate has not only helped Brigham Young University–Hawaii shape the next generation of internal auditors but has also been an invaluable tool for managing the complexities that come with the university’s eight-year audit cycle.
Thinking Like an Auditor_Color 006_370px
Blog Post Many audit teams are performing analytics in a centralized manner. Meaning they have one or a few people performing all their analytics and the rest of the team really aren’t doing much and unfortunately, aren’t expected to.  But what if they had more resources
Webinar Toby DeRoche highlights the challenges faced by audit management when incorporating multiple generations into a department and focuses on approaches we can take to ensure each group has a successful integration into our multigenerational teams.
Thought Leadership At the audit activity level, the CAE is a manager responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling the internal audit function. On an organizational level, the CAE’s role is also to provide assurance on the effectiveness of risk management and the control environment.
Customer Spotlight After healthcare giant Sanofi adopted TeamMate+ Audit and Controls, it soon found that the solutions opened up far greater assurance possibilities across the global organization.
Customer Spotlight Learn how the transparency and collaboration built into TeamMate+ has helped Horace Mann's audit team significantly reduce its project timeline and produce gains in efficiency.
Mohegan Sun_370px
Customer Spotlight Mohegan Sun implemented TeamMate+ Audit with three objectives in mind: efficiency, standardization, and visibility. Learn how TeamMate+ became the very heart and soul of what its team envisioned.
Customer Spotlight TeamMate Helps the North Dakota Office of the State Auditor Increase Efficiency and Government Transparency
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Blog Post In this multigenerational environment, we must quickly find a way to make this work for everyone. In this blog, we’ll establish a baseline understanding of differing generational skills and discuss the role stereotyping plays in our organizational culture.
Webinar Financial services organizations face additional challenges in trying to balance emerging risks with the requirements of the regulatory authorities. By embracing the concept of agile auditing, we will be able to adjust more quickly and act as a more relevant partner
Street Capital 370px
Customer Spotlight Learn how TeamMate+ has given Street Capital Bank of Canada confidence that the work it does drives value throughout its organization, particularly in managing risk in a visible, consistent, and efficient manner.
Thinking Like an Auditor_Color 001_370px
Blog Post Good resources coupled with a good tool can lead to a good SOX process, but a great tool will lead to a great SOX process. Whether you’re a team of 3 or a team of 50, if the goal is to “wear your SOX well,” then incorporating a controls management tool into your process can get you there quickly and efficiently.
Customer Spotlight Find out how TeamMate+ has helped Louis Group maintain a leading position in Cyprus’ tourism industry by providing its audit team with the ability to remotely and securely access information from anywhere in the world.