Becoming a relevant partner
Thought Leadership An advisor is someone you call occasionally for an opinion, but a partner is the one you consider in every decision. Within internal audit, we have an opportunity to assume the role of relevant partner through the process of combined assurance.
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The Opportunity for Internal Audit Teams in Activity Based Working 2018-03-01 Sio Naidoo It's time for Internal Audit to move out of their own “neighborhood.” false false /opportunity-for-internal-audit-in-activity-based-working.aspx

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Blog Post Auditors and Management have a very clear, but totally different view of risk to their organization. .
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Blog Post As part of your Standard Operating Procedures or best practices, we suggest you start every audit with testing five key areas to get a better understanding of the data you’ve received.
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Blog Post Our goal with this blog is to bring you the latest audit and controls industry related content that's important to all audit and compliance departments regardless of the size of your team or the software solutions you are using to complete your work.
Growth Mindset as a Key to Audit Team Success_370px
Thought Leadership Mindset is the foundation of success and is created through the combination of education, training, and experience. We should therefore consider mindset in an internal audit team’s performance.
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Thought Leadership As the results of our 2016 global technology study indicate, audit leaders from around the globe are seeking to fine-tune their risk assessment and audit planning activities to better address the dynamic nature of their rapidly changing risk environments. To support these enhancement efforts, the 2016 TeamMate Global Audit Technology Survey focused on the key processes underlying these activities.
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Blog Post If we really want to add value to our organizations and become a relevant partner to management, our audit plan should be nimble.
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Blog Post Here are 10 steps that demonstrate how internal audit can use the market problems approach.
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Thought Leadership Understanding and managing the next generation of auditors.
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Blog Post "Good user interface design is an opportunity to do better at a fundamental level, and the lack thereof is a risk of perpetual inefficiency." Colleen Knuff discusses the importance of choosing a research driven, pattern-base designed software.
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Press Release Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting today announced the launch of TeamMate+
Auditing Culture_A Red Flag Approach
Thought Leadership Is auditing culture just another risk factor in a governance audit, or could it be seen as the basis for the entire audit plan?
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Thought Leadership 10 key considerations for enhancing risk assessments and audit planning.
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Case Study TeamMate has been instrumental in helping APAP manage risk in a heavily regulated environment.