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Our insights page is your go-to resource for industry reports and research directly from TeamMate. We've partnered with industry experts to bring you meaningful insights that can help you better understand the latest trends in audit and influence your audit strategy.

Mohegan Sun 750px
Customer Spotlight Mohegan Sun implemented TeamMate+ Audit with three objectives in mind: efficiency, standardization, and visibility. Learn how TeamMate+ became the very heart and soul of what its team envisioned.
Street Capital 370px
Customer Spotlight Learn how TeamMate+ has given Street Capital Bank of Canada confidence that the work it does drives value throughout its organization, particularly in managing risk in a visible, consistent, and efficient manner.
Thinking Like an Auditor_Color 001_370px
Blog Post Good resources coupled with a good tool can lead to a good SOX process, but a great tool will lead to a great SOX process. Whether you’re a team of 3 or a team of 50, if the goal is to “wear your SOX well,” then incorporating a controls management tool into your process can get you there quickly and efficiently.
Customer Spotlight Find out how TeamMate+ has helped Louis Group maintain a leading position in Cyprus’ tourism industry by providing its audit team with the ability to remotely and securely access information from anywhere in the world.
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Blog Post There are many ways that companies may lose money through Time and Expense fraud. Putting in place certain tests and ensuring employees know that all expenses are monitored could reduce losses.
Customer Spotlight Learn how TeamMate+ has helped Michael Ray and his global audit department at Aviva, a leader in digital insurance, work as one diverse team under a single empowering software solution.
Customer Spotlight Learn how TeamMate+ has strengthened the partnership between Internal Audit and company stakeholders at Mann Mortgage.
Thought Leadership In addition to implementing the right audit analytics solution, there are several steps you can take to advance the use of data analytics within your internal audit team.
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Blog Post When we get past the basic functions that span all departments, we can dig deeper into the areas where the department needs to improve. In the end, all departments are trying to improve three specific areas: visibility, consistency, and efficiency.
Webinar ERM is an assurance provider that Internal Audit can leverage off of to reduce audit fatigue and increases the chances that an organization's objectives will be met.
Auditing Social Media_370px
Webinar In this webinar, Jen Terry outlines specific examples of reputational risk that are unique to social media and provides a strategy for applying appropriate controls to mitigate those risks.
Customer Spotlight Learn how Viji Ganesan of ArcelorMittal was able to improve and enhance the organization's Combined Assurance strategy by implementing TeamMate+.
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Blog Post All expense policies have their own nuances, but there are some simple tests that we should include in every T&E audit analytics program.
Thought Leadership Combined assurance is viewed as an optimal means to achieve assurance objectives. Yet as TeamMate research suggests, there are other levels of coordination that merit serious consideration from most internal audit functions around the world for which the combined assurance approach to addressing coordination and alignment with other units is either impractical or too ambitious for their specific situations.
Aaron Spack - Testimonial 370px
Customer Spotlight Hear about how using TeamMate has made Aaron Spack and his colleagues' jobs easier at Marathon Oil Company.