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  • What is TeamMate Analytics?

    The internal audit tools included within TeamMate Analytics range from day to day Excel productivity tools to powerful analytical tools such as gap and duplicate detection, Benford's testing, Monetary Unit Sampling and stratification. Also included are TeamMate Analytics' unique Section Modules, which allow you to quickly and easily perform a multitude of tests on various accounting areas, such as payables, receivables, inventory, journals and non-current assets.

    Once installed, TeamMate Analytics is there to help you every time you open Excel. All you will see is a new tab added to the Ribbon bar, which gives you access to all of the TeamMate Analytics tools.

    Prior to starting your free 30 day trial of TeamMate Analytics, we recommend you review our whitepaper on "How to Avoid Costly Mistakes When Evaluating Data Analytics Tools". This provides you with a framework by which you can evaluate CAATs solutions like TeamMate Analytics, details exactly what CAATs is as well as why it's important to you, and outlines how you might want to manage a trial within your organization and who you want to be involved.

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